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Ruqyah Melepaskan PESUGIHAN
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Removing the Shackles Man of pact with the devil.

The story we bring to all people so that we can an important information, that every one of our actions in the past how the magnitude of the error-even if we truly repent, regret every mistake and try to do good with a vengeance, then rest assured the Lord will accept our repentance.

Do not ever give up, because it is the cunning of Satan who wants us always under its grip. So .. Get your freedom now ..!

Information Glossary:

Pesugihan origin of the word " wealthy " or wealth, glory, honor and so on.

Common sense: Pesugihan is an attempt to get rich by doing a supernatural ritual, generally approve of his wealth to the terms or agreements with juru-kunci/ dukun and usually always accompanied with the casualties of either animal or human life. Nauzubillah.

Call mr Joko ( 35 yrs) a regular employee in private enterprise a town on the outskirts of Jakarta, he lives with the wife and the four children, life can be quite difficult with a small salary that he got the dipundaknya very heavy loads, where everyday expenses day and the cost of their children day after day more and more expensive, coupled with the habit of a happy wife mengamburkan increasingly money making families worse off economically.

Economic pressures that pushed on the convoluted, ultimately mr Joko, choose a shortcut to gain wealth by pesugihan.

Originally Pak Joko find information where he could get a regular spot visited by people who seek pesugihan, based on information from some friends she decided to go to Mount xxxx to get pesugihan, short stories finished getting pesugihan and armed with a gift of the sakti mustika- caretaker of the mountain mediating, Pak Joko came home with a sense of excitement.

After carrying out certain rituals, be Pak Joko to open a small grocery business at his home, which was developed with a very rapid, even just with a 1 year course mr Joko able to expand its business into the field of export-import turnover of tens of billions of dollars, is now joko tub-a successful businessman in the area and get a great respect in the eyes of the people around.

It turns out that behind the great success it saved a sad mystery that is the death of the employee mr Joko 1 person in each year for no apparent reason.

In its heyday had 12 to 12 employees who died from victimizing be pesugihan, mr Joko has now touched sense his humanity, he remembered his covenant with the-caretaker who provides the requirements in pesugihannya, that he should give one human life as a sacrifice, he wants repent and do not want to sacrifice the lives of others again.

mr Joko effort to release pesugihannya not find results which he has visited many clerics and cleric, but the result is always the same, the words that he got was patient so there is no solution that he get ...

Opening the way light ...

Pak Joko has despaired and confused how this pesugihan release, but it can work as usual. In the event that an unexpected meeting with Abu Albani on a medical therapy activities, from casual conversations that happen there and then came out saying mr joko that wants to release pesugihan.

" God willing ... we will help " sentence fragment from Abu Albani, then he adds, that in principle, Satan will always try to plunge the human race to the brink of hell fire, but God continues to open doors for his people to repentance is to Him for mercy and repentance.

After the meeting, Team Abu Albani Centre preparing everything for sharia Ruqyah preparation for mr Joko and his family. This preparation process is very mentukan ruqyah and at times this is a critical time for george and family.

mr Joko Ruqyah process conducted Tight and family and take very stressful, which about places Ruqyah seen some creatures watching from the outside with a keen eye gaze as if to spread the threat. If they are out of the area where ruqyah then lives will be at stake.

Until day 14 Ruqyah process takes place, there is still a reaction mr Joko and family when in ruqyah, then Team Abu Albani with very resorted to slaughtering jinn / demons that exist in the body mr Joko and family ( slaughter genie is a last resort, when the propaganda they do not also make them aware of) , then we ruqyah back to no reaction at all. Here we have to make sure that they are no longer under the influence of disorder or jinns / devils.

With a systematic method, discipline and implemented in accordance shar' ie Alhamdulillah mr Joko and family free from the covenant with the devil / the pesugihan.
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